With the feedback we received from CalmSupport, we have worked dilligently with our Doctor to formulate new supplements to help those break free from addiction as well as help with immune and sleep. Check out our new formulas below, or visit for more information. All of our supplements are backed by our 30 day money back guarantee!

AlcoholSupport: Alcohol Withdrawal Aid
To ease the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, we developed this exclusive supplement using only natural and 100% organic ingredients. AlcoholSupport is all natural organic supplement designed to help ease the symptoms associated with reducing alcohol consumption. AlcoholSupport was formulated to help decrease alcohol cravings and replenish the body with vital nutrients.

BenzoSupport: Benzo Withdrawal Aid
Sspecially formulated to promote healing and health. BenzoSupport is all-natural & organic. BenzoSupport contains a natural and organic ingredients designed to support those wishing to decrease or discontinue benzo use. BenzoSupport was formulated to help support healthy neurotransmitter levels, promote feelings of relaxation and calm, and may also improve sleep quality and feelings of wellbeing.*

CaffeineSupport: Caffeine Withdrawal Aid
Cutting out caffeine can cause headaches, fatigue, anxiety. CaffeineSupport's all-natural & organic formula helps reduce symptoms of Caffeine Withdrawal. CaffeineSupport is an all natural and organic supplement designed to help promote healthy energy levels as well as improve concentration while reducing Caffeine consumption. CaffeineSupport was formulated to help relax muscle tension and help ease the symptoms related to caffeine withdrawal.

ImmuneSupport: Daily Immune Vitamin
Help keep your immune system in peak condition with this formula of herbs, active vitamins and minerals. All-natural and organic. ImmuneSupport was designed as a daily supplement to help support a healthy immune system. Formulated to help provide antioxidant support and proper immune function.*

SleepSupport: Sleep Aid
All-natural and organic supplement helps keep you calm and relaxed so that you can enjoy a sound night of sleep. SleepSupport is an all natural and organic sleep aid designed to help relieve stress and support relaxation. SleepSupport was formulated to help with difficulty falling or staying asleep, as well as support feelings of relaxation and calm.

SSRISupport: SSRI Withdrawal Aid
If discontinuing an antidepressant/SSRI, take this all-natural, organic supplement to help ease some of the symptoms anxiety & irritability. SSRISupport is an all natural and organic supplement formulated to help ease the symptoms of SSRI withdrawal. SSRISupport was created to help optimize neurotransmitter levels, and support a healthy mood.*

THCSupport: THC Withdrawal Aid
Formulated to help easing effects of marijuana withdrawal. Contains a natural blend of vitamins and minerals, all natural and organic. THCSupport is a supplement designed to help ease the symptoms of marijuana withdrawal as well as assist the body's natural detoxification systems. THCSupport was also formulated to help promote relaxation and increased wellbeing, promote lung health, and provide relaxation.

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